The Sugar House is Jean Scheffler’s literary debut.  She grew up “South of Detroit” & as a child she would sit on her Grandfathers lap at his summer cottage and intently listen to stories of his childhood adventures in early industrial Detroit.  As he rocked her in front of the roaring fire, her love for Detroit’s history and its exciting past took root. Later, as a young nurse she would peruse the quiet halls of her workplaces and find willing storytellers from that great generation who were happy to share their memories of the “Paris of the Midwest”.  Research through newspapers, movies, books and field trips added to her growing knowledge of a city with a storied past.  Following her dream to “Tell a story that needs to be told for the next generation” has resulted in the The Sugar House.  Loosely based on events from her Grandfather’s life she hopes to excite young readers in a love for the city their ancestors helped build and help others reminiscence through their own passed down stories and memories.

3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Thank you, Jean, for poking into my blog and reading the story of my Great-Grandpa Sam. We are preserving family history by telling stories, the greatest souvenir of that legacy.

  2. I just finished reading The Sugar House and really enjoyed it. Being a lifelong Michigander and living most of it in Trenotn I found the book very interesting. Yes, I’m a “downriver rat”.i

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