Zelda Fitzgerald Would Love It!

The Sugar House, by Jean Scheffler is a carefully crafted and rollicking history of Detroit’s rise to fame. A mixture of childhood insights into the lives of adults develops into a heart-wrenching tale of survival decisions. The author’s sources deliver a great feel for a time and place out of reach, Polonia, Detroit. Joe, the eight-year-old, is captured with his big heart and sense of adventure, a Huckleberry Finn for Detroiters. Elaborate details of city life, buildings, home owners, religious communities, and industry giants are sifted lightly throughout the story. A guide to ancient Detroit is presented with living people on the streets. The smells of ethnic foods and neighborhoods keep the reader tuned into the doings of Joe’s nice family. His pluck in fighting TB couldn’t be presented any better. When tragic events force early adulthood on the lad, the stories build enough excitement even for the likes of Zelda Fitzgerald. You can trust this novel to satisfy you all the way to its end.”

Review By: Rohn Federbush


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