Review of Motor City Boys

Motor City Boys by Raymond WlodkowskiMotor City Boys

A poignant story of growing up in Detroit in the 1950’s. The good, the bad and the ugly. But also the sweet, the naive and the beautiful. A story narrated by a quiet boy nicknamed Flyer, (ironically named for how slow he runs). He and his four friends navigate through the rights of manhood in the middle of the century- football, cars, dances, girls, family, booze and most especially friendship. Mr. Wlodkowski paints a glorious tale with the backdrop of the Motor City. A candid view of a teenage boys inner thoughts and feelings- for the first time in my life as a girl who never understood the opposite sex in high school I can say; “That is what they were thinking!” The pressures of showing one’s strength yet remaining ‘cool’ is intense and terrifying. To fight or walk away? How to approach a girl you like? How far does one go to back their friends? Motor City Boys is a precious time capsule to an era gone by.


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