Fox 2 Detroit Interview

June 19, 2014

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit’s own Lee Thomas to discuss “The Sugar House”.  What a fun experience (and nerve wracking).


My number one goal was to discuss Detroit’s amazing history and how it is portrayed in “The Sugar House”.  – Accomplished!


My second goal was to not do anything foolish that would result in the video going viral around the world like fall out of my chair, spit water out my nose or freeze up like Richard Drefuss did during his interview with the Good Morning America show in the movie “What about Bob?”– Accomplished!

What about Bob?


Did I speak as eloquently as i hoped I would? Hmmm- Pretty much.

Did I speak on  all the topics I had hoped to bring up- Hmm Not so much.

Do I feel the interview was a success? Absolutely!

For a self published author to attain an interview on a Major News Network just three short months after publishing her first novel is an exciting feat.  I have not heard any negative comments in regards to the interview so the basic goals of getting the word out about “The Sugar House” has been accomplished. I have been approached by several people in the last two days at book signings/promotions that saw the interview and recognized me and the novel.  This I believe gives “The Sugar House” and it’s author a concrete foundation of professionalism.  I learned a lot from this first interview.  If I am blessed with the opportunity again I will provide a few talking points on an index card to the interviewer that I would wish to discuss.  I believe I will be much less nervous next time as I already have one under my belt.  And if I do get the opportunity again I hope I will once again accomplish both my primary goals again:)